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Liberty Senior Living is proud to sponsor WRAL’s Good News. WRAL’s Good News is your daily dose of positivity. We are curating your go-to list of the good news that is happening in our backyard and beyond. These are the stories that will make you smile, renew your faith in your fellow man and simply make you feel good.

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January 2022 Calendar

Below is current months activity calendar that shows all the activities available to residents.

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Kempton of Brightmore Resident Spotlight

February 19, 2021

Ms. Bettie Morrow was born April 6th, 1939, in Seneca, South Carolina. At 6 months of age she moved with her parents to Shelby, North Carolina where she lived for 50 years. She has one brother and three sons. She was married to her sweetheart for 54 years. Ms. Morrow worked with the SHIPP Medicare …Read More…

As Time Goes By…

February 17, 2021

Robert along with his wife, Sylvia Weeks, have been residents of Brightmore for seven years. He continues to use his lifelong skills, hobbies and passion as a clock repair person into his senior years. As a result of his passion for clocks, it has directly affected his day-to-day activity during the pandemic. Can you believe …Read More…

Valentine’s Day is always an exciting celebration at The Kempton!

As a result of COVID, we are doing things a little different this year. However, the much anticipated tradition of the residents voting for the Valentine’s King and Queen continued. Congratulations go to …the Queen – Nancy McConnell and King – Allen McConnell! Residents created Valentine’s Day pins, magnets and flowers. Cards were made by …Read More…

Paris isn’t the only city of love!

February 12, 2021

What better way to kick off the week of Valentine’s Day than to travel to the city of love? Venice is by far one of the most romantic places on earth. The Italian city of Venice surely makes it onto every travelers’ must-see list. The residents at The Commons spent the week experiencing the best …Read More…

Recognition Lunch for well-deserving Staff.

Brightmore Independent Living had a Recognition Lunch for several well-deserving staff to celebrate a “Job Well Done!”. January 20th was Maintenance Day, and we recognized Frank Napoleon, Maintenance Director, and John Metzer, Maintenance Assistant. We thank them for keeping our community, building, and campus so beautiful and up-to-date. January 24-30th was National Activity Professionals’ Week. …Read More…

The Extraordinary Life of Shirley Medvin!

February 10, 2021

Shirley was born on August 18th, 1924, to Louis and Dora Pfeffer in Harlem, NY. Raised in the Bronx, Shirley enjoyed spending time with friends and family in the borough. Shirley attended Monroe High School and volunteered as a service assistant to one of her favorite teachers. In her spare time, Shirley enjoyed playing basketball …Read More…

Brightmore of Wilmington Continues Life-Long Learning…

February 9, 2021

As we continue to move forward, Brightmore makes sure education for our residents is still a very prominent part of our Life Enrichment program. The Great Courses has been essential for our community. It is an educational series taught by professional lecturers. The lectures can be streamed right on our community channel and into the …Read More…

Senior Care Hero of the Week Award

February 5, 2021

We have a hero in our midst! Our own Beth Turner, Director of Services at The Commons of Brightmore, was awarded the honor of “Senior Care Hero of the Week” by Pam Palanza of Carefinderz, Mike Hartmann from Assisted Living Locators, and Sue Fryt from Cranville, Sumner & Hartzog Law Firm. Beth received this recognition …Read More…

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