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August 14, 2018

Kim Calabretta with the NC Division of Services for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing & “CapTel” came to present a seminar on Caption Telephones that our residents can get for free from the State of NC. CapTel provides 3 different models of caption telephones for people with hearing loss. CapTel phones work like any other telephone with one important addition: they show closed captions of everything your caller says. You can listen to the caller, amplify the sound, and also read the captions on the screen display so you won’t miss a word! It’s just like the captions that you have on your TV, but on your phone. CapTel is a free service from the state as long as long as you qualify. Once approved you have the option of a free CapTel phone or free hearing aids. If you choose the route of the CapTel phone, it comes with free installation and training. The phone also comes with special features like an answering machine, caller ID, Customer Service button, Wi-Fi Connectivity and Bluetooth capability with speakerphone. Our speaker Kim lost her hearing at the age of 9 and started with a phone where she had to type her whole conversation for the person on the other end to read and then respond. Phones have come a long way and she has been using a caption phone since they were invented. Kim says it has clearly made life so much easier.  Her family and friends can now hear her voice as she speaks to them and each conversation is saved on the phone’s memory so you can go back to listen to conversations that may have important information you need at a later time. This is a service that most people do not know is out there for them; and it is important to get the information out even if you do not need the service, you may know someone that does.

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