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The Great Course of America Military History

August 21, 2018

Brightmore has begun a new session of “The Great Courses”. We will now be studying “American Military History: From Colonials to Counterinsurgents.” The Great Courses is an educational DVD series taught by professors or very experienced individuals in the related field. This course is being taught by Retired General Wesley K. Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe and four-star general with 38 years of service to the United States.  In our 1st and 2nd sessions, Gen. Clark has guided us through “America: Forged in War; George Washington Takes Command; Redcoats Fall to the Continental Army and Andrew Jackson and the War of 1812.” The residents comment how interesting this course is because they are actually able to view pictures while learning instead of just having to read the history, and this way of teaching definitely keeps their interest. This session will run for 12 weeks and then our class will graduate knowing everything there is to know in American Military History!

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