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Resident Spotlight: Pete Ambler

April 13, 2019

Mr. Ambler was born in Denver, Colorado, but raised in California. He became a color matcher in the plastic business with Dow Chemical Company. His company wanted to promote him but without a degree they were unable to, so the company supported him with a scholarship. Eventually, he was promoted to Manufacturing Manager with four different production plants and moved to New York. After New York, Mr. Ambler moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and opened up another plant there. Even though Mr. Ambler retired, he is still very adamant about the use of carbon plastic, “Every piece of plastic you touch, your black garbage bag is good for my pension; use lots of them!” Mr. Ambler stated with a grin on his face. Mr. Ambler’s plant manager had a huge impact on his life, encouraging him to further his education. He also gives a lot of credit to his stepfather who taught him how to treat women and the importance of staying active. His wife, Phyllis, showed him the value of family and this led him in becoming more interested in his own family history. This resulted in planning a family reunion to meet the family from whom he had been estranged. “There hasn’t been one individual who has impacted my life, but many individuals have impacted me during different times.”

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