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Preserve Wilmington’s History with Brightmore University

November 26, 2018

Brightmore ended its Fall Semester with the “Preview of Thalian Association’s Pearl Harbor Commemoration/USO Dance”, presented by Captain Wilbur Jones and The Cape Fear Swing Dance Society. Captain Wilbur Jones has dedicated his life to preserving Wilmington’s WWII History and has been fighting to get Wilmington, NC Congress approved as the first WWII Heritage Preserved City. This year SE North Carolina’s Pearl Harbor anniversary commemoration offers more than observing the attack that entered America into WWII. Besides honoring our area Pearl Harbor survivors and memorializing our three Wilmington men killed that day, this celebration will offer swing dance lessons highlighted by wartime USO-style dance with a Hawaiian, December 6, 1941, theme. They will take us back to the day before, which they mark as “the last day of peace”, where they were dancing the night away before the attack. We were delighted to have four members of the Cape Fear Swing Dance Society dance for us! We sure do hope to be able to take a bus of Brightmore Veterans and their guests to dance this night away in memory.

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