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“No One Wants to Age, but Everyone Wants to Age Well”

December 4, 2015

Brightmore University presents, Live More with “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”: Aging & Geriatric Care Management presented by Sharon Luquire, RN, LNHA &  a Geriatric Care Manager for A Peace of Home. Residents of Brightmore and the community were involved in an interactive class, in which participants were introduced to a variety of physiological changes related to aging and learned more about the Geriatric Care process.  Did you know? In NC there are 1.2 million adults 65 years and older and in 2030, it will have doubled to 2.1 million? This is just one of the facts we talked about during this course as we also went over the 3 Myths of Aging. Myth #1: Aging means declining health & abilities. Myth #2: Memory Loss is inevitable. Myth #3: You can’t teach old dog new tricks. We learned what to do to “Age Normally” which consists of keeping your heart healthy, your bones strong, your brain always thinking & learning and staying connected with family & friends socially. Even though we may feel as if we know these facts already, it is always good to relearn and educate ourselves so we can always focus on how to live longer lives. “I make sure I exercise every day! I have had 3 hip fractures and I only have 2 hips! I have to keep them strong!” Myrtle Alexander “It’s Better to Wear Out, than to Rust Out”

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