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How’s Your Balance?

March 25, 2016

Practicing the WiiResidents at Brightmore enjoy getting on the Wii balance board and completing games on the screen that challenge their balance, mind, and coordination. Their favorite one, and to them the most challenging game on the system is the “Balance Bubble.” On the screen the residents have to pretend that they are in the “Bubble” and moving through a maze, using their core and legs to move their body left, right, back, and forward. There are bees in the maze that try to throw the player off, so the residents have to learn to maneuver around them as well as not hitting any walls during the maze, or their bubble will pop! If they are able to successfully make it to the end of the maze, they will approach a rainbow and a big congratulations! The residents watching as each individual tries the different games often speak of “my heart is racing watching!” This is a fun way to increase balance coordination, as well as confidence in the individuals that participate. Once they are able to meet their goal on the board, they leave with such a high confidence in knowing that they can do these games; and get to the finish line and complete the level!

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