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Here Comes the Ice Cream Truck!

June 10, 2020

June is the month that begins the long awaited summer season, and what goes best with summer? Ice Cream, of course! With a little creativity, Brightmore made their very own Ice Cream Truck and went door-to-door to spread some summer cheer! Residents were able to choose from ice cream sandwiches, Nutty Buddies, chocolate ice cream bars, and an Orangesicles as the ice cream truck passed each door playing original ice cream truck music!

Ice cream truck and staff Ice cream truck and man

We know summer can be hot at times, but having the ice cream truck come to you in an air-conditioned building sure did make everyone smile! We hope the residents took the time to sit on their porches to enjoy the cool treat and remember the days when either they or their children ran outside in the summer to flag down the ice cream truck as it entered their neighborhood! What great memories!

Ice cream truck with female Ice cream truck , staff and male

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Brightmore of Wilmington

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