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Getting the Creative Juices Flowing!

April 21, 2021

Using the “creative” mind in art allows the residents at Brightmore to bring their individual visions to light and be as original as they want. Art is also a very stimulating activity that not only uses the brain for ideas, but uses your sense of touch to create.

This month, the residents worked for two days on a “Tin Foil” Art Project. The first day we had to come up with the sketch we wanted to draw and transfer on to our foam board using carbon paper. Once that was completed, we used Tacky Glue to outline the drawing. At this point, everyone had to leave their work to dry overnight so the glue would harden.

On the second day we covered our board with aluminum foil and then gently pressed the foil to the board using a soft cloth and q-tip to trace the outline of the glue to form the picture in the foil. Then came the fun part…we covered the surface with shoe polish and gently wiped it off with a paper towel. This gave a vintage look to the surface.

Then each resident decided to either leave it with the vintage look or add some color using permanent markers. As you can tell, every piece turned out differently and looked amazing! The residents were very proud to be leaving with an “original” piece of art work!

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