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Essential Oils for a Positive Well Being

February 23, 2017

Madeline Woodard, Brightmore’s Wellness Director did a presentation for the residents on basic essential oils and their importance in everyday life. Madeline wanted the residents to learn the holistic view of using essential oils, instead of going straight to pills to cure an ache or pain.  She talked about the different ways that one could use oil, such as topical placement and recommended a diffuser, which would take their favorite oil smell and diffuse it through their apartment day and night.  The residents each received a different “essential oil card” during the presentation, and they had the opportunity to read the card aloud for their fellow friends to hear. Everyone was in agreement that lavender, eucalyptus, and Peppermint were their favorite oils. At the end of the presentation, the residents handed Madeline their “essential oil” card that they read out loud in exchange for the oil that was on their card. They also received a paper on all the oils talked about that day. Madeline had two giveaways for the residents that attended: first, a diffuser and second, “A Beginner’s Basic Essential Oil Book.” Everyone enjoyed learning about the oils, and also sampling by smelling any oil that they wanted. Madeline will be purchasing oils and leaving them in the wellness office for the residents to come and check out and back in, in order to use them in their apartments on their own time.

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