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“Emotional Memory & Deliberate Practice through The Great Courses”

June 21, 2018

The class is very close to the end of their 12-week series on “Optimizing Brain Fitness”. One more course to go and they will have learned everything there is on ways to optimize learning as they age. Today’s course focused on “Emotional Memory & Deliberate Thinking”. Despite its importance, most of us have lost touch with how we experienced the world in the past. Emotional Memory helps us to look back and reminisce through pictures, smells and events. Deliberate Practice is the key to improving brain performance and creativity. The most important component of deliberate practice is to remain fully aware of what you are doing and to concentrate on those aspects of your performance that you find most difficult.   We will conclude our series at the end of the month with “Taking Advantage of Technology and Building Your Cognitive Reserve” combined with a small graduation for those who were committed to learning!

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