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June 12, 2019

Every two months, Brightmore brings in an outside local Artist, Maureen McKenna, owner of Simple Strokes Art Studio, to teach an art project to the residents of Brightmore. We have learned so many different mediums of art with Maureen, from watercolors, oil painting, collage, creating our family trees through art and this month we created a “Beach” painting in acrylics. Maureen teaches using a step-by-step process, so every resident is painting at the same speed, but using their own techniques to be creative and end up with their own original artwork. This art space not only creates an opportunity for residents who were artists in the past to paint again, but also allow those who feel as if they don’t have a “creative bone in their body” to try something different. You would be amazed how beautiful and unique everyone’s art turns out! It is also a fun, social outlet for our residents too…so many stories are told and there is much laughter! We look forward to our next project in August!

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