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Brightmore University Presents Its Second Book Review

June 21, 2018

Brightmore University presented the 2nd Book Review in our Summer Author Series, “A Final Broadside” with local author, Buddy Worrell. Through very creative storytelling and his descriptive writing process, he outlined his military thriller about an American born during the Pearl Harbor attack who must rely on his paranormal skills, a retired battleship and a ghostly crew to stop a modern day international criminal and his evil plot.  After retiring in 2013, Buddy Worrell needed a hobby so he decided to write a book. Born in 1949, Buddy grew up watching war movies with war ships and was fascinated by them so he decided to write about something he loved and knew a little about. His book is set around the Battleship Arizona and the Navy. The hero is the Chief Petty Officer, Master Chief Ken Hagler, a weird and exotic character who is a Navy officer and has never shot a gun, but can hit every target, and a ship full of ghosts! What a thriller! Throughout the book, he also describes many local landmarks in the Wilmington and Charlotte areas that readers will be able to visualize! It’s a must read for sure!

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