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Make Your Own Fall Owl Door Decoration!

October 7, 2020

The residents of Brightmore Independent Living definitely got in the spirit of the Fall Seasonas they thoroughly enjoyed creating a whimsical Fall-colored Owl for their doors yesterday! No experience was needed and each owl had its own personality by the time the resident was finished!


  1. Purchase Owl Cutout, Fall leaves and Fall Sunflowers from the Dollar Store.
  2. Cut Flowers with wire cutter to glue for the eyes.
  3. Map out your fall colored leaves for the wings, feet and ears.
  4. Use a glue gun to affix leaves to the owl in any pattern that you desire. You can even cover the whole owl in leaves and it will look adorable!
  5. Cut ribbon for the hanger and glue to the back of the owl.
  6. Hang on your door for a fun fall decoration!

Fall Owl decoration made by woman 4 people with Fall Owl decoration

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Brightmore of Wilmington

2324 41st Street
Wilmington, NC 28403


The Kempton

2298 S 41st Street
Wilmington, NC 28403


The Commons

2320 S 41st Street
Wilmington, NC 28403