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Brighmore always celebrates Halloween in “Ghoul” Style!

November 3, 2018

Even though Halloween is considered a kid’s day, Brightmore finds it one of the favorites to celebrate… “Sometimes it’s just nice to disguise yourself as something else” says a Brightmore resident. This year we had a Trivia Halloween Party. Party Gras Entertainment joined as they helped us throw a true Trivia Party! Residents teamed up and enjoyed an afternoon of friendly trivia competition. There was a mixture of general and Halloween trivia questions and enjoyable music! We also had our annual Candy Corn Guess Contest that was won by Dee Myers and our annual Halloween Costume Contest! The three most popular costumes this year was Peggy Utterback as a Red Head, Judy Colwell as Pocahontas and Jim Cook as Dr. Phil Gould! So much “Spooktacular” Fun was had by all! The staff of Brightmore also dresses up as a team each year. This year we were Peter Pan and his family from Neverland! We won 1st place in the costume contest too! The reason we chose this was because we view Brightmore as our residents Neverland…a place you can never, never grow old!  

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