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2019 Open Enrollment for Medicare Benefits and What You Should Know

December 7, 2018

Terry Hambel with S.H.I.P.P. (Seniors Health Insurance Information Program) presented Information to the residents of Brightmore on the 2019 Open Enrollment for Medicare Benefits. “Why should you check your Prescription Drug Plan?” Unlike Medicare Part B, where all supplemental plans are consistent about reimbursement costs, prescription drug plans vary greatly from one to another, and you can SAVE money! Terry Hambel went over each residents’ supplemental plans and answered questions they had on if they should try to switch or not. Terry stressed the importance of seniors checking their prescription drug plan yearly due to changes and rate increases. As a S.H.I.P.P. representative, Terry is able to research individuals’ current drug plans and where they buy their medications and see if there is a cheaper route they could take to make a difference in the money coming out of pocket. This session was very informative and reminded each participant to make sure if they see changes occur in their plans, it’s because they want it to.

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