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Assisted Living Wilmington

Deciding to go for assisted living in Wilmington and settle down in a senior center is a huge, monumental step to take. And for some people, it can feel quite overwhelming. But the good thing about opting for assisted living in Wilmington and staying in a senior community is that it allows you to meet new people and try new hobbies.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that not all facilities with assisted living in Wilmington provide the same level of service nor offer the exact amenities. That’s why it’s best to consider these factors when choosing a good senior facility that specializes in assisted living in Wilmington.

  1. Certified Staff

If you want holistic care that is second to none, check if the staff at the facility for assisted living in Wilmington is licensed and certified. There should always be an available nursing staff so that you can ensure that your health is monitored 24/7 while you’re on assisted living in Wilmington.

  1. Has Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation

For quality assisted living in Wilmington, opt for a facility that has skilled nursing and rehabilitation. In case you fell ill or got injured while on assisted living in Wilmington, you know that you will receive compassionate, professional care.

  1. Location

Choose a facility that has an accessible location for your assisted living in Wilmington. This will be very convenient for your children and other relatives when visiting you while you’re on assisted living in Wilmington.

  1. A Comfortable Room

Seniors that require assisted living in Wilmington must have not only have comfortable beds but rooms that would make them feel as if they never left home. It’s preferable for a senior that needs assisted living in Wilmington to have a bedroom that has a bathroom. This way, they wouldn’t have to walk outside when they need to ‘go.

  1. Housekeeping, Laundry, and Linen Service

The last thing you would want to experience while on assisted living in Wilmington is do the choirs. To avoid this, opt for a senior center that offers housekeeping, laundry, and linen service for their residents who require assisted living in Wilmington.

  1. Has a Wellness Center

People who are in their golden years need to stay active and exercise regularly. That’s why your chosen senior center providing assisted living in Wilmington should have a state-of-the-art wellness center. The more daily fitness activities they offer for residents that need assisted living in Wilmington, the more options you’ll have to stay fit and healthy.

  1. Serves Healthy Delicious Meals

One can never go wrong with a senior facility that serves nutritious, delicious foods for their residents that require assisted living in Wilmington. However, a good facility that offers assisted living in Wilmington should be mindful of their residents’ diet restrictions and even food allergies

  1. Organizes Engaging Activities

Whether you’re into baking, knitting, etc., look for a facility for assisted living in Wilmington that can let you enjoy your hobby and try new activities. This way, you will never experience a dull moment while you’re on assisted living in Wilmington. A good senior facility that has assisted living in Wilmington should also let you experience “live entertainment” such as movies and theater performances.

  1. Lets You Host Special Gatherings

Look for a good facility that offers catering for their residents who require assisted living in Wilmington. This is perfect for seniors on assisted living in Wilmington who want to celebrate their birthdays while staying at the facility.

Turn to Brightmore of Wilmington for Assisted Living in Wilmington

Are you looking for a senior facility that provides assisted living in Wilmington? Your search ends with Brightmore of Wilmington. We have certified staff, a fully-equipped fitness center, wellness programs, and even concierge-type services like scheduled transportation. We will be there to ensure your comfort, safety, and convenience. Reach out to us today for more information about our assisted living in Wilmington.


Live Your Golden Years to the Fullest

  • There will come a point in your life when you and your family have to decide if it’s the right time for you to settle into a retirement home. While most people become eligible for an assisted living facility at the age of 55, any elderly can move in once they feel the burden of living alone. If this is the case, it’s best for you to find a community that can provide you with the help you need while maintaining your independence.



Refined Residences

  • Our community offers a variety of residential options that range from 633 to approximately 1,160 square feet. You can choose from 22 available styles of our one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Our living facilities also include three accessible elevators for your convenience. You will feel right at home and secure in our residential spaces.

Life Enrichment Activities

  • There is never a dull moment at Brightmore of Wilmington. We have a wide selection of programs that promote life enhancement and bonding for our residents. Our community offers a variety of socials, parties, card playing, and more, complete with a glass of wine. We also provide opportunities to explore a number of subjects, including fine arts, historical events, and travel.

Distinctive Dining

  • Indulge yourself in our wide variety of good food options, including delicious entrees, vegetables, soups, salads, and desserts. Our culinary team ensures that every meal is prepared with only the finest and freshest ingredients. You and your family can also get together and celebrate in our private dining area without having to worry about cooking and cleaning. We’ll take care of that for you on those special days.

Amenities and Services

  • Keep your retirement lifestyle active by using our wonderful on-site amenities. We have a library, gifts and essentials shop, media room, aquatics and fitness center, full-service salon, billiard room, chapel, and more. Our community is opening an outdoor recreation area soon, which consists of a pergola, bocce ball court, garden area, and outdoor fire pit. Get to experience all of these with your fellow senior residents.


Personal Care at The Commons

  • If you’re in need of more moderate to substantial assistance, we have an experienced staff who can assist you. The Commons at Brightmore welcomes residents who value their independence but at the same time need specialized aid. Our services include personalized care plans, therapeutic diets, medication administration, end-of-life care, and more. We have licensed healthcare workers who are in the facility with you 24/7.

Our Neighborhood

Aside from the plethora of amenities available in our community, you will find more social and entertainment establishments just a short distance away. Our wonderful neighborhood is centrally located between the Cape Fear River and Wrightsville Beach. Our area is steeped in history and natural beauty and accessible to the finest restaurants, beaches, and world-class shopping destinations you will surely enjoy.


Get the Vibrant Retirement Lifestyle You Deserve

If you are looking for a senior community that offers the independence you want, turn to us at the Brightmore of Wilmington. We are here to give you the retirement life you desire. You can enjoy a carefree lifestyle with your fellow residents at our place. With us, you and your family can have the peace of mind you deserve because we always prioritize our residents’ well-being.


We are located at 2324 41st Street Wilmington, NC 28403. Find out more information about our vibrant community by giving us a call at 910-350-1980. We’ll be happy to answer any inquiries you might have.


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