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We Balance with Wii Fit Balance!

With balance becoming an increasing problem in our community, all fitness classes are structured with components to improve coordination, stability & posture. However, a group setting isn’t always appropriate for everyone, but those individuals still need & deserve the same attention. The Wii Balance sessions work one on one with Recreation Therapist & Wellness Director, Erin Rhyne, for approximately 15 minutes using the Wii Fit Balance Board. When residents stand on the balance board, the board’s sensors record all foot and leg movements as well as weight changes. Before beginning, residents create a personal Wii profile, including age, height, weight & basic balance skills to set a starting point & track progress. The individual then chooses from a variety of balance programs where they will be tested in different ways. The most popular “Table Tilt” requires a very controlled weight shift  to move marbles around a board and into holes without allowing the marbles to roll off the edge. This is typically how a session will begin until the individual feels comfortable on the board. “Ski Slalom” has been the recent popular choice, where residents shift weight to weave in and out of the flags, down the mountain.  While Erin is working with the resident, 3 other residents patiently wait for their session, but find themselves leaning or pressing through their toes as if they were on the board.

The Wii Fit games provide a “real-life” scenario where our residents may not have the opportunity to presently do, which makes it fun for all and gives a good story for the following morning coffee group!

“I feel much more cardiac exercise than I ever thought I would and you really have to use your toes! I feel like I’ve gotten exercise after one session-it is very worthwhile!”- Jo Tuplin