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Trouble Sleeping? Try This!

Now being offered at Brightmore, is a monthly “Night Meditation and Stretch” class. Residents will be learning from different instructors, including Brightmore’s Wellness Director, Madeline Woodard, LRT/CTRS on different stretches to do before bed to ease and relax the wandering mind. This class is to promote a good night’s sleep. Residents also get an opportunity to explore their breathing, and how to relax their bodies and mind by simply take deep belly breaths, and remembering to breathe! Guided mediation allows them to close their eyes, and escape reality for just a little while. When residents leave the class, we provide a Sleepy Time herbal tea for them to take back to their apartments, and all of them have stated “how wonderful this makes them feel, and they really do get a better night’s sleep after this class.”