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“To Any Soldier: A Novel of Vietnam Letters”

Brightmore University started the month of July with a very special guest, Kathryn Watson Quigg, co-author of the book “To Any Soldier: A Novel of Vietnam Letters”.  Kathryn provided our group with a very thorough book review that left us all wanting to know the ending of Ashley Beth and Lt. Jay Fox. This epistolary novel, while not autobiographical, is grounded in the personal experiences of co-author, artist, educator, mental health professional and writer, Kathryn Watson Quigg and critically-acclaimed writer and pilot, G. C. “Pete” Hendricks. For one year in 1968, Jay Fox and Ashley Beth Justice dared to dream of a life together while struggling to understand the war and themselves. Beautifully and heartfeltly written, the words between two people who have never met, wrap you up in this story immediately. Through stories, life experiences, dangerous military missions, poems and ballads they create a relationship of true friendship in a time when they both needed someone with no judgment. This is a great read and we definitely recommend it!