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Teaming Up for Active Aging Week at Brightmore

Residents at Brightmore participated in “Active Aging Games” last week, and they had a blast competing in teams all week!  Every day there was a new way to earn points for their team, and at the end of the week, the team with the most points won!  Tuesday, they had to go around the building and find “Active Aging” sheets that were hidden and turn them in for points.  Teams participated in a Relay Race on Wednesday and picked a staff member to join their team.  Thursday, they had to come down as teams to complete a Brain Poster.  It was nice to see their creative brains working.  On Friday, there was a Hydration Challenge.  They had to complete drinking three bottles of water per team member and turn in the empty bottles before 2:30 pm that day. Every team member had to turn in the bottles in order to get the points for the challenge.  The winning team overall for the whole week was announced on Friday.  Madeline is so proud of the residents who participated and made the week so much fun!  She could not have done it without them!  It was so nice to see such positive teamwork!

A big thank you to the staff members who also jumped in to join the fun and supported our residents!  We loved seeing all their smiles and their competitive side.