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Still Valentine’s After 72 Years of Marriage!

Bob and Cleo Beatty, residents at Brightmore for 5 years, were called by Perry’s Emporium to help them film their February Valentine’s commercial that will be aired from February 1-14th, on all local stations in Wilmington, NC. This was exciting for the couple because they truly are each other’s “Forever Valentine”, and Cleo got to wear some very expensive jewelry!

Bob and Cleo were married on July 17, 1948, at the ages of 21 and 24 years. 72 years later, they are still by each other side holding hands, using kind words, and always sharing a smile with each other! Bob and Cleo met when they both worked for the FBI. Bob was in the record section, and Cleo was in the lab. Bob kept seeing Cleo at lunch with a few friends, and finally they were introduced at an amusement park one night when they were on a hayride.

To this day, Bob and Cleo never miss the chance to go on a hayride together to snuggle and hold hands! Happy Valentine’s Day to Brightmore’s Sweethearts!