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Silver Striders Starts with a Bang!

Walking is considered the best form of exercise for the whole body. Moreover, walking is beneficial for all age groups, whether it is children or senior citizens, all can benefit from this simple yet effective form of exercise that does not require any special equipment or skills. Research suggests that exercising in a group is better than exercising alone. Group walking is also gaining popularity owing to the health benefits it offers. Some of the health benefit it offers is Promoting Mental Health, Motivational, Socialization, Safety, and Emotional Health, Increases Positivity, Facilitates Brisk Walking, Allows Interaction with Nature and Ideal for Alzheimer’s Patients. Every year when the weather starts to get nice, the Kempton Residents start a walking group. This year’s Kempton walking group is called Silver Striders. The residents come together and walk around the beautiful pond we have out behind the Kempton. The residents really enjoys getting outdoors and being in nature. The residents look forward to the next walking group!