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“Using our free time to give back to the community.”

December 21, 2018

Residents of Brightmore, Peggy Utterback and Bettie Rorie, decided last year they wanted to do something a little more to give back to our community. Two times a month they volunteer at Good Shepherd in the 2nd Helping’s Program. Peggy and Bettie sort and organize the groceries that are delivered to the Good Shepherd from all over Wilmington. You can imagine how much food that must be and how important it is to have extra hands to help sort the food and organize the pantry. At the Good Shepard, they serve about 200 meals a day, so they go through the pantry fast. These women have volunteered over a year and say they plan to continue as long as their health will allow them too! In conjunction, the weekly Chapel service at Brightmore takes a donation once a month that goes directly to the Good Shepherd; we have a clothes closet in our Chapel where residents can donate clothing they no longer need to the Good Shepherd, and we have an annual food drive at Thanksgiving that goes directly to the Good Shepherd. Peggy and Bettie enjoy not only giving their time and talents during the holiday season, but all through the year.

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