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May 11, 2017

May is Fire Safety Month at Brightmore Independent. Residents were invited to attend our annual “Fire Safety” education seminar that was conducted by the New Hanover County Fire Department.  Community Educator, Wendy Giannini-King, and Firefighter, Justin Weinrich, joined us for two sessions of Fire Education. It’s always important to be reminded of the tips that can keep us all safe when it comes to Fall & Fire Prevention and the NHC Fire Dept. does this in a very informative, fun and interactive environment. Our fire dept. responds to all falls in NH County, so it’s very important to make sure we prevent as much as we can by Exercising  Regularly to keep our balance and strength up; Take our Time getting to and from places; Clear the Way (make sure all paths we walk are clear of items); Look Out for Yourself (by making sure areas are lit at night so you can see your way); and Wiping up Spills immediately. Other tips include: Being aware of Uneven Surfaces; the Shoes you purchase; Grip Surfaces in your Bathtubs & making sure you have Grab Bars where needed. The #number one cause of fatal fires is caused by cigarettes and the number one spot in the house where fires occur are in the kitchen. Our fire dept. responds every day to numerous small fire issues. If we keep in mind these tips, we can help decrease some of these calls for our Fire Dept. Fire Prevention includes: making sure if you smoke, Smoke Outside; and if you smoke outside, make sure you always have a glass of water to extinguish your cigarette so it is completely out; give Space Heaters Space; Never leave food unattended in the kitchen (use a timer and stay close); Use Oven Mits instead of Pot Holders; Never Cook in a Robe or Outfit with Long Droopy Sleeves; Stop, Drop & Roll if your clothes are on fire; Check Smoke Alarms Regularly; Have an Escape Route & know your Emergency number. In a retirement community like ours, we have several Fire Procedures in place, but it is never a waste of time to continue to be educated on the importance of being careful! Knowledge on Fire and Fall Prevention are not only tips and reminders that could save you one day, but tips and reminders that could help you save your neighbor too!

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