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“The Ozone Hole” in Gee Whiz Physics

March 3, 2016

Once a month, Gene Boland, retired US Navy weatherman and science/physics teacher, provides an educational discussion group at Brightmore of Wilmington. Each month he provides a new topic of discussion with pamphlets with a wealth of information and beautiful pictures to accompany each topic. This month, we discussed the menace of the 1980’s, “The Ozone Hole.”  Most of the residents remembered the controversy around this subject and were able to provide some well-educated discussion at the same time learning the facts about oxygen, Ozone 3, the earth’s atmosphere including the “Ozonosphere”, and why there was such a panic in the 1980’s about the ozone holes. This discussion group each month provides our residents with an opportunity for ongoing education and learning, a forum to educate others and discuss a wide variety of topics dealing with science!

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