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The Extraordinary Life of Shirley Medvin!

February 10, 2021

Shirley was born on August 18th, 1924, to Louis and Dora Pfeffer in Harlem, NY. Raised in the Bronx, Shirley enjoyed spending time with friends and family in the borough. Shirley attended Monroe High School and volunteered as a service assistant to one of her favorite teachers. In her spare time, Shirley enjoyed playing basketball with the boys in the school yard, attending dances, socializing with her friends, and reading.

When Shirley was asked how she met her husband, she smiled and replied, “At a carnival, and it’s been a circus ever since!” Shirley and Murray Altar Medvin exchanged vows on February 14th, 1947, at Ward Manor Banquet Hall in the Bronx.

Murray got a job working with the city and remained there for over 27 years before retiring. Shirley worked as a secretary in the Bronx and then in Manhattan. Together they had two daughters, Cindy and Nancy. After retirement, Shirley and Murray moved into a Co-op where she volunteered in the community in various ways as well as a teacher’s aide for a few years.

Murray and Shirley loved to travel! Together they have visited Greece, Israel, Hawaii, Alaska and most of the western states. When Murray’s health declined due to a brain tumor, Shirley stayed home to take care of him until he passed at the age of 75.

Currently, Shirley enjoys attending bingo, parties, socializing, and keeping up with politics. When asked about her secret to longevity, she replied, “It is really God’s choice how long we live. I would say to live a controlled life, make each day count, and always be true to yourself.” Let us always remember to make each day count, and always be true to ourselves.

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