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Stay Hydrated with Fruit Infused Water at Brightmore of Wilmington!

July 27, 2016

On The 18th, Madeline, Brightmore of Wilmington retirement community’s Wellness Director, had a H2O afternoon for the residents teaching them the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated daily. Madeline realizes that most individuals do not like to drink just “plain water.” She showed them a healthy fun alternative to flavor their water instead of buying “store bought” vitamin waters, or packets that flavor the water. She taught the residents how different fruits and vegetables can give you the vitamins you need, plus add a delicious flavor to the water without harmful chemicals and added sugars you do not need in your body. Madeline pre-made waters that the residents were able to sample and sent them home with recipe fruit-infused water books that she created. There was raffle giveaways which included 2 large “fruit-infuser pitchers” and one “fruit-infuser” water bottle. All the residents had smiling faces when they were able to grab a mason jar at the end and create their own fruit infused water to take back to their apartment for later. “The goal is to encourage the residents to drink more water, especially with the temperatures as hot as they have been. Older adults struggle with staying hydrated due to medicines; thirst senses become less acute, and low water consumption is due to not enjoying the plain taste of water, so coffee or tea is the go-to choice for them. If I am able to encourage them to drink more water by infusing their water with healthy fruits, and they enjoy this, then a social aspect will also come into play. They will then go tell their friends and family about how great this water is, and hopefully this fun and yummy opportunity will spread all through Brightmore.”

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