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Rediscover Cuba – “A Cultural Exploration”

November 3, 2017

Cuba was explored in the Presentation by AAA Carolina’s Susan Ehrle, and a Gentleman named Chris who works for Susan in ensuring that your tour to Cuba will go perfectly. In the presentation we were walked through the experience that you could have, when traveling to Cuba.  This includes your round trip and assistance getting your Visa and Passport, and making sure that all the paperwork you need to complete will be done prior to getting on the plane. This tour would be 8 days and 16 Meals included (this is one of the longest tours through this company, but there are shorter ones if you would rather do a shorter trip; however it is recommended that the longer trip to be done so that you get to experience the culture and areas longer). You will stay with the group during the tour, and have local and private tour guides along the way. Private transportation will be included in your travels; and you will be able to experience the cultural experience of Cuba. The biggest part of this Cuban culture is the dance, vibrant colors and beautiful artwork. When eating at the restaurants you will be enjoying “real” authentic Cuban food. Some of the other tours that you will go on consist of visiting the sugar cane mills, and watching “The Cigar Rolling” of Cuba. You are able to purchase as many cigars as you would like, and be able to bring them back to the States with you. We learned that there are 100 steps in rolling the perfect cigar, and on the tour that you would take while visiting, you will be able to watch some of these steps. The tour also ventures out to Havana for a few days and nights to see the beautiful historic areas and eat at beautiful street-side restaurants. You will also get to experience looking at the old vintage cars and riding in them on the last night of your stay with a great last dinner and drinks. All of the Brightmore residents that attended this presentation were sold on going to Cuba after this was over!

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