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Mystery Solved!

June 1, 2018

Brightmore University held its second session this past week, “Mrs. Hudson’s Olympic Triumph”  Book Review & Signing: Author Series Part 1 presented by Barry Brown, Author.  Barry Brown is a retired local author who lives in Carolina Beach and has written 5 novels in his Mrs. Hudson series. Today we joined Mrs. Hudson and her colleagues, Holmes and Watson on an adventure to the Olympics and the mysteries surrounding a murder and a missing ambassador. This book was set in the Victorian Age and a visit to the 1st modern Olympia. Author, Barry Brown sees Mrs. Hudson as the brains to the detective agency and that is why she is the main character of his novels. It is a definite twist from the original Sherlock Holmes books written by Doyle. In Dole’s novels, Mrs. Hudson is a background character. Brown brings her to the forefront where he believes she should be and uses her brains and knowledge to help solve crimes. Brown stated, “I am always surprised what direction each book takes…” Brown started his writing in 1980 with short stories, and once he was retired he started writing his novels. Brown ended his talk letting us know that Mrs. Hudson has another crime to solve in the future, so be on the lookout!

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