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“Make sure your living and not just existing!” –Mary Crawford

February 28, 2018

Brightmore University ended our month on the Voices of Recovery Series: Part 2 “From Heartache to Healing”: One Woman’s Journey to New Beginnings presented by Mary Crawford, RRCI Peer Support Specialist from the Recovery Resource Center at the Harrelson Center. Mary joined us to share her story of recovery from the many years addicted to drugs to now being 20 years clean! “What happens when you lose everything? How do you pick up the pieces and find inner strength to turn your life around?” Six months into her recovery, Mary Crawford lost over 6 close family members and friends that you would think the grief would have set her back, but instead of medicating herself she turned to her faith to bring her through this very difficult time! Grief is an emotion that can lead the most stable person down the path of destruction if you don’t look for help. Mary leaned on her coping skills that helped her stay in active recovery and that put her on the path to new beginnings. “Does it get any easier?” someone asked. “No, not really. Some years are better than others and that’s okay as long as you can pull yourself through the sad times. I turn to HOPE!” says Mary Crawford. Now at 60 years of age, Mary uses her experience to publicly speak to other women in recovery at the Haven House, she goes in to the women’s prison to speak and spreads her word to those who just want to listen…because just having someone there that’s been down the same path, brings that HOPE that she needed when she was battling her addiction.  

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