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Kempton of Brightmore Resident Spotlight

February 19, 2021

Ms. Bettie Morrow was born April 6th, 1939, in Seneca, South Carolina. At 6 months of age she moved with her parents to Shelby, North Carolina where she lived for 50 years. She has one brother and three sons. She was married to her sweetheart for 54 years. Ms. Morrow worked with the SHIPP Medicare program for 13 years and played the piano at her church for 30 years. Ms. Morrow has been a resident here at the Kempton for almost a year. She is very talented and is often found crafting when not participating in the daily activities at the Kempton. During Christmas she knitted all the staff at the Kempton a beautiful scarf.

Ms. Morrow owned a ceramic shop for 8 years where she crafted beautiful pieces as well as helped others. Ms. Morrow is so talented that she can play the piano without sheet music! She frequently plays the piano for the other residents here at the Kempton. We are so lucky to have Ms. Morrow and residents like her here at the Kempton!

“I really made a great decision when I came to the Kempton! My health has improved and it’s a wonderful place to call home!” -Bettie Morrow

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