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Intriguing Cultures: A Circus Life

October 11, 2017

Brightmore University had a packed house for “A Circus Life”: Part Two of the Intriguing Cultures Series, presented by Fritzi Huber. The 1940’s and 50’s were a very rich and prosperous time for the circus in the United States. Fritzi Huber was a circus child at this time in history and has some great memories of her childhood. At six years old, Fritzi was designing costumes which helped her further her art career of 35 years in paper making. Fritzi told us her family history from the beginning with her father running away with the circus at age 16 from Switzerland and meeting her mother. Her mom and dad were the High Wire Act and were both fearless individuals.  They worked with Roy Rogers, Sons of the Pioneers and the Ice Capades, so Fritzi grew up meeting many famous people. Fritzi did not perform as a child, but spent many years training so when she was older she could decide if she wanted to be a part of the circus and she did, as a single trapeze artist.  Fritz’s father loved shooting circus home movies and we watched several of these in complete astonishment.  She also showed a movie directed here in Wilmington for the Cucalorous Film Festival called “Regular Kids” that was made about her family as they were kids traveling on the road just wishing to be a “regular kid”.  It was an afternoon of wonderful circus history, and we can definitely say that our circus today cannot compare! What a treat this was for our community to be a part of!

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