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Iceland: A 2015 Photographic Journey

January 28, 2016

Brightmore University’s “Armchair Traveler’s” Series opened with its first out of three presentations for the semester with, “Iceland: A 2015 Photographic Journey” presented by Les and Patty Conner, photographers and members of the Cape Fear Camera Club.  We thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of their photos from a professionally guided tour they took in May and June of 2015 of Iceland, off the Arctic Circle. The tour was organized around seeing all the rugged, diverse volcanically formed landscape including waterfalls, lava fields, animals and the ice beach. The photos of the waterfalls, Icebergs, black sand beaches, sod-built homes, Puffin Birds and the over 200 volcanoes that inhabit Iceland were the most majestic photos we had seen in a long time! Only one resident at Brightmore who was at the presentation, Marion Beisler, had actually visited Iceland, so she was a wealth of knowledge and enjoyed seeing some of the places she had visited too. We learned some very interesting facts about Iceland too which included: Norwegians came to Iceland in the 900’s, and it is now predominantly of the Danish culture; Icelanders raise millions of sheep yearly so that they are well fed but also because knitting is one of the most important ways to earn money; and, homes are built in to the mountains with sod grass built as a cover so the homes can be as insulated as possible for heat. Iceland: A 2015 Photographic Journey Speakers We look forward to our next “Armchair Traveler’s” Series in February titled, “Italy: A Virtual Tour of Tuscany’s Vineyards and Wineries!”

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