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Hearing, Vision and Memory Loss…What You Need To Know

October 31, 2018

Brightmore University ended our October sessions with “Different Different World”: Living with Hearing, Vision & Memory Loss presented by Pam Poretti, Hard of Hearing Specialist with the Division of Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing. Pam brought with her Janelle Taylor, Telecommunications Consultant and Christina Bauman, Community Accessibility Specialist to help present. The first part of the presentation was to learn a few basics regarding Hearing, Vision and Memory Loss, to gain insight into daily challenges of people dealing with hearing, vision and memory loss and to discuss strategies and resources for working with people with these challenges.  The second part was valuable hands-on training that provided participants a better understanding of the daily struggles of those with hearing loss, vision loss and memory loss. Through various stations, they learned valuable strategies for improving communication, independence and reducing related stress…for you and those you love.

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