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Have You Ever Heard of Mayflower Munch? Check this out!

November 20, 2018

On Monday afternoon, the Kempton residents had a Thanksgiving social. Refreshments and entertainment were provided. The residents were served Mayflower Munch, which is a Thanksgiving Snack Mix. Each item in the mix represents something from the first Thanksgiving; Stick pretzels– logs used to build homes, Mini marshmallows– represent the first winter, Goldfish– How Squanto helped the pilgrims learn how to plant corn by putting fish in with the seeds, Raisins– Squanto taught them how to find wild berries and dry them for winter and Sunflower seeds– seeds for harvest for the next year. Allan Nicosia entertained the residents with music. The residents are excited to spend time with their family and friends during Thanksgiving Holiday.

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