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Get Moving for American Heart Day with Brightmore!

February 7, 2019

Residents had the chance to try something different to get their hearts working this year! What better way, than a riddle scavenger hunt?  Madeline and Lisa came up with 12 riddles, which were strategically placed around the campus and inside the Brightmore Building.  Residents signed up in teams of four to compete for first place! Each team had a starting point, and a riddle. Once they figured out the riddle, they then had to race to the object they thought it was, where another riddle awaited them (if they figured the clue out right). Each team had to stamp their “card” at each station/object that their riddle took them too. Once they finished all 12 riddles and had their 12 stamps, than it was a race to the finish line. They had so much fun, and it was fun to watch them talk over the riddles in their group, and figure out where they needed to start heading too next!  It was a beautiful day outside that day as well, so fresh air was such a great way to get them motivated to enjoy the outside some.

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