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Get Moving During Recreation Therapy Month

February 14, 2019

Recreation Therapy Month is celebrated in February, and with one of Brightmore’s staff members, Madeline Woodard, being a Recreation Therapist, she always make sure to plan something extra special and different for the residents in February. This month, she planned a “Creative Station Day” in the pool. This is the first time the residents have done this with her. The turnout was excellent with 10 residents, and everyone was able to have a partner at each station with them! The residents went through 7 stations in the pool, which were timed at 3 minutes a piece; then they would rotate to the next station to complete that task. They loved the first round so much, they wanted to do it again! They spent a whole hour working, laughing, and enjoying the fun and hard pool workouts. Their favorite was the Balloon Toss in the center of the pool, and the spider-man station. Spider man consisted of holding on to the bar with their hands, walking up the wall with their feet; and back down. Lisa joined Madeline in the pool to help out with the stations and keep the encouragement loud and exciting for them! We all had a great day celebrating Recreation Therapy Month, and the residents are still raving about all the fun they had on the 5th!

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