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Fire, Falls, and Prevention Seminar at Brightmore

April 30, 2019

Every year Brightmore invites Wendy Giannini-King, Risk Reduction Coordinator and the New Hanover County Fire Department to speak to the residents on their Safety Program, “Fire, Falls and Prevention”. The information given each year is so important for individuals to hear for the first time or refresh their knowledge on what to do in the emergency of a fire or fall in their home.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistics show that falls are the leading cause of death from unintentional injury at home. There are 8 simple tips that can help individuals avoid falls: Exercise regularly to build strength and balance, take your time getting up and getting where you need to go, clear the way of walking areas and stairs, look out for yourself by lighting the way, wipe up spilled liquids immediately to limit slips, use grab bars and no-slip mats in the shower, be aware of uneven surfaces, tread carefully and use hand rails, and always put your best foot forward by wearing sturdy, low- heeled shoes with non-slip soles.  All very good tips to live by! Wendy then discussed what to do if our community had a fire. She explained that the most common cause of a house fire is due to smoking, space heaters, or not turning off your stove when you have finished cooking. We went over Brightmore’s Fire Procedure, and she explained why it was important for our community to have a “shelter-in-place” procedure. She discussed the importance of the smoke detectors, sprinkler system, stop-drop-and roll and calling 911. Even though these are all bits of information we have grown up hearing since we were little, it is so very important to hear them repeatedly. If we ever are in an emergency, these tips can only help us stay safe in the end.

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