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Finding The Positives In ‘Tis The Season

May 18, 2015

‘Tis the season!   Christmas and New Year’s can bring a child-like wonder and joy to your life, but if you are a senior, it can be difficult to find the positives in life.  It is so easy to focus on what is lost and not on the opportunities and love around you.  Depression is not a normal part of the aging process, and it is even more difficult to deal with during the holidays.  Many caregivers and elders are at a loss at how to combat this challenge.  There are several ways that will help you or your loved one. Staying active, volunteering, and socialization are just some of the ways seniors can stay positive, help themselves remain as independent as possible, as well as cut the risk of developing memory loss.   Seniors find that their nutrition improves, they feel better physically, and they tap into the social nature in which we are built.  These are not things we think of often, but it can be a balance tipper between a life being lived and a life worth living. Being busy helps people become more satisfied with their lives!  They feel confident and feel they are making a difference.  That alone will fight depression.  Add the connection to others, and you have a double dose of natural anti-depressant.  When you volunteer, you are not only making a difference in someone else’s life, but you give your life a boost, too. It’s good for you!  Just like nutrients, your body and mind need activity.  Socializing, physical activity, and challenging yourself are other great ways to combat the holiday blues caused by isolation.  Many senior communities offer programs that focus on these very things.  In order to help seniors across the continuum of care, different opportunities are offered to give everyone the chance to take control of their life.  Residents can learn new skills such as card making, yoga, or water aerobics.  Some of may be attending community holiday events with other residents.  Many will utilize their talents to support causes in their city.  For example, Brightmore of Wilmington’s Independent Living hosts an Annual Craft Bazaar that supports The Grandparent’s Support Network in Wilmington.  At the Assisted Living level of support, a week is dedicated for the residents to raise money for the New Hanover County Humane Society and the Boys and Girls Club of Wilmington. It’s never too late to start improving your life!

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