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Brightmore University: “The Mermaid” Book Signing and Review

February 1, 2018

Brightmore University ended the month of January with one of very our own Wilmington, NC local authors, Shane Scollins, as he reviewed his newly released book “The Mermaid”. Shane is author of nine novels with “The Mermaid” being published and released this past October. It’s a novel that was inspired by a documentary Mr. Scollins watched about mermaids, and he quickly started his research to write a book of “wonderment with the theme of redemption and hope.” With Carolina Beach and Fort Fisher as his educational setting, he allowed the characters to develop the story for him and have the readers asking, “Is this real or fiction?”  Known as a science fiction/suspense author, The Mermaid is a different take on his normal style of writing. Mr. Scollins has been writing all his life and published his first novel, “Legacy Rising” in 2011. He is now working on a collection of short stories, “Paper Dolls”, which will be a medical fiction novel on DNA. Mr. Scollins noted his favorite author is Dean Koontz and loves his novels because he is the one author he cannot guess the endings, and he only hopes his books mimic Koontz’s ability to completely surprise the reader at the end with a twist no one is expecting. We ended the afternoon with a personal book signing.

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