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Brightmore University: “The Carving Tree”

February 15, 2018

Brightmore University was delighted to have local author, Terry Bowman, come to our community to speak on his current novel, “The Carving Tree”. Terry Bowman, who is a Christian/Spiritual Fiction writer, has been writing for 18 years and has several of his devotions printed in the “Upper Room” and in “Open Window.” Terry Bowman has also won the Cape Fear Local Fiction contest several times. Terry is self-published and has sold 500 of his current novel, “The Carving Tree”, a novel about two women’s courage and their resilience that is put to the test in very trying times. Terry gave a wonderful review of his book, a tale of love and courage and God’s redemptive grace that reminds readers there is always hope. His characters jump off the pages as each are like an orchestra instrument, “they all have a sound of their own”. Terry captivated the audience as he told us the three reasons why he wrote this book. First, in 1981, 36 years ago, he too made a similar carving in a tree, and all stories usually come from a personal experience. Second, he wanted to write a character-building novel that would impact others. Third, he wanted to bring attention to very serious issues that are happening in our world today to bring a different light to the hurt that is all around us.  He ended the review teaching us some of the writing lessons he learned as he wrote this 1st novel, and we enjoyed a question and answer session followed by a book signing.

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