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Brightmore University Presents “Stem Cell and Molecular Biologics”

November 21, 2016

Brightmore University had its final presentation for this year on “Stem Cell and Molecular Biologics: Options for Ortho and Joint Replacement”, which was presented by Dr. Austin Yeargan, Regenerative Medicine Clinic of Wilmington. He provided the residents and community guests with extensive knowledge about the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. Dr. Yeargan shared the latest information on new treatments that involve using your own stem cells to combat degenerative diseases and promote new tissue. He explained how these new treatments may allow you to keep your own joint rather than having orthopedic surgery for knee, hip or shoulder replacement and how they have proven beneficial in alleviating the clinical symptoms of arthritis like pain and swelling. For the last 10 years, Dr. Yeargan has been focused on how to rebuild and restore damaged tissue by capturing the cells and putting them where they can do you most good!  His lecture really left you thinking, “Could this be right for me?” “It surely sounds like you are making it easier on people today with this procedure. I wish I had the opportunity 20 years ago to try this.”-Robbie Bigford

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