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Brightmore University Presents “Revisiting Lumina:” Book Review & Signing with Mary Flinn, Author

July 16, 2019

Mary Flinn, a native North Carolinian from Greensboro, award-winning independent self-publisher, who loves the beaches and islands, came to review her historical novel, just released on April 1st, with Brightmore residents and the Wilmington community. Mary was so inviting as she read that she was able to transport the audience to the summer of 1928 to Wrightsville Beach where tourists, middle-class folk and aristocrats alike, danced the night away at the beachfront pavilion where they are falling in love – not only with each other, but also with the grand ballroom itself. We met the main characters Sylvie and Kip and some of the obstacles they had to face growing up as teenagers in the roaring 20’s. In the book, you can see the Lumina Pavilion, the beautiful, round dance floor with a mirrored dance ball hanging from the ceiling, and you can hear the music of the big bands in the background as the young dance the night away. Mary Flinn is also the author of Allegiance, A Girl Like That, Breaking Out, The Nest, Three Gifts, Second Time is a Charm, The One, A Forever Man and Lumina.

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