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Brightmore University Presented Its Final Exploration Of Dance

August 11, 2017

Brightmore University ended on a beautiful note with the last in a 3-part series of “An Exploration of Dance”: Session 3: Lyrical; Dance and Emotion presented by Ella Rose Hood, International Baccalaureate Programme Student.  This was Rose’s favorite to present because it is her area of expertise. She explained that lyrical performances show so much more emotion and they all tell a story from the beginning to end. Rose performed four different lyrical dances for us that were completely different in emotion and story. Her first song was based on her own life dealing with depression and how her father helped her through this difficult time in her life; the second song demonstrated the confusion young people have concerning the issue of war.  The third song demonstrated another personal loss in her life and how she got through the sad but also happy time; and the fourth song was an issue she feels very strongly about which is domestic violence and the strength of a woman. All the songs she performed displayed so much inner strength & beauty as she danced to her owned choreographed songs.

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