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Brightmore University: “Fostering a Healthy Lifestyle”

January 25, 2018

Brightmore University started the New Year and semester off with Evonne Varidy, Owner of Clean Eatz Café, as she spoke on  “Fostering a Healthy Lifestyle in 2018”!  Evonne captured the audience as she spoke on her own life-story that was the inspiration for starting the business of helping others incorporate a healthier lifestyle through eating balanced portions. Growing up on a farm with true “organic” living, Evonne learned the importance of eating healthy and pure with how they fed their animals and grew their vegetables. Once she moved out on her own, she quickly saw how eating our fast food lifestyle can catch up with you. That started Evonne on her quest for a healthier lifestyle. Through many challenges, her end result was Clean Eatz! She not only promotes healthy organic eating at her café, but also provides a meal planning business for those with busy lifestyles to take home with them so they never have to question if what they take out of their refrigerator is healthy or not. Evonne also has a healthy cooking show on TV called “Good Choice Kitchen” and provides “Home-based” fitness classes. For a community like ours, she shared with the residents ways to measure out healthy portions, how important drinking water is on a daily basis, and easy ways to make sure you are getting the correct amounts of protein, carbs and fats in your diet and how to stay away (but not completely) from the sugars we all know and love! We ended the session in the Parlor sampling some of her healthier dark chocolate oatmeal cookies and peanut butter crunch. We definitely left with the knowledge of taking a closer look at what food we put in our bodies and the effects it will have on us…both positive and negative and making sure we start 2018 with a healthier outlook.

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