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Brightmore University: Exploration of Dance – Jazz

June 21, 2017

For the Summer session, Brightmore University is presenting a 3-part series in “An Exploration of Dance”. Our first session was exploring Jazz. This expanding style was presented by Ella Rose Hood, International Baccalaureate Student at Hoggard High School. Ella dove into the depths of jazz dance, the different styles which include modern jazz, street-style jazz, Broadway jazz and tap jazz. Ella also discussed the progression of how society has changed the styles of dance, how they began, changed and are today. Ella, having danced since she was 4 years old, included 4 dance demos for the audience and included the audience in the end showing them the basic stretches that dancers must do before every practice and performance to make sure the muscles are loosened enough so no injuries take place. This was a great introduction, and we are looking forward to the next session in July which will be focused on Contemporary Dance.

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