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Brightmore University: De-mystifying Classical Music

September 11, 2017

Brightmore University started the month with our first presentation, “De-Mystifying Classical Music” presented by Barbara McKenzie, Artistic Director of Chamber Music Wilmington, where she not only answered questions just like these, but provided a thorough education on the history of Classical Music.  Music lovers joined together to gain insight into the “behind the scenes” musical preparation. They also and got a taste of how classical music evolved through centuries starting with early composers and famous classical pianists, to explaining the architecture in music. There were many questions such as “What is a Minuet? Cantata?  Sinata?”  “ What does the word Piano mean?”, and “Why are there different Pieces in Classical Music?” Barbara did a fabulous job explaining all these answers in a very simple way for us all to understand. Brightmore is excited to be attending opening night where there will be four Cello’s featured at the “Cellobration” concert.

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