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Brightmore University Brings an Exceptional Artist to the Brightmore Campus!

August 18, 2016

NeTop, the painting dog, & Jacqueline Karch, NeTop’s Mother & Artist, joined Brightmore retirement community to demonstrate NeTop’s artistry skills and exhibit his work.  NeTop was a rescued as a puppy and is now 14 years old. NeTop is part miniature pincher on his mother’s side, but they do not know who his father was. All we know is that he is “darn cute!!!”  NeTop began painting at 3 years old with the help and training of his owner Jacqueline. A special brush was made for NeTop out of sprinkler parts so he could hold it in his mouth and then the rest was history. For 14 years, NeTop has been painting for charity and even though he is getting up there in age, he still enjoys it. There is something to be said about continuing to do what you love as you age! NeTop has tons of energy, loves people and has a smile on his face as he paints! Today all his paining proceeds of $258.00 will benefit Carolina Canines for Service.

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