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Brightmore Independent Living Presents “Art for a Positive Well-Being”

January 27, 2017

Brightmore University completed its first art class in a three month series. Thirteen participants signed up to be a part of “Art for a Positive Well-being”, presented by Maureen McKenna, Local Artist and Instructor. This series of three classes offered at the retirement community are instructional painting classes for anyone who wants to explore their hidden artistic talent! Maureen has structured all classes for the novice, intermediate, and skilled painters.  It is a great opportunity to discover the three mediums of painting: watercolor, acrylic, and oil in a one course series! January’s class was “Watercolor: A seascape on Cold Press watercolor paper. Maureen started the class with a guided meditation so participants could envision the painting in their minds before beginning to draw an outline.  This allowed individual creativity, and they could use their own vision without having to copy an already completed painting. Most of our painters were beginners and towards the end of class they were very happy with their finished piece! Everyone seemed very excited to come back next month for an Acrylic class and again in March for an Oil class. Maureen definitely created an environment for everyone to paint at their own pace and be as creative as they wanted to be while giving both group and individual guided instruction.

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